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Why Choose CWC Beauty for your CoolSculpting Service?

and 10 other questions to ask any other CoolSculpting provider.

Our Mission is to Aid you in YOUR MISSION

CWC Beauty embraces women and men of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. We are here to assist in helping you achieve comfortability in your skin and body. That is why we will NOT poke and prod at you. Some providers do not listen to you or your needs. Instead, they offer you advice from a standard definition of beauty and are focused on filling their pockets. At CWC Beauty, we assist in the mission that matters most: helping you achieve the best possible version of yourself by providing the resources and assistance in helping you achieve comfort in your beautiful body and skin. 

Newest CoolSculpting Equipment

CoolSculpting is constantly designing new applicators, machines and accessories to treat new areas with shorter treatment times.  We will always have the newest, most up to date CoolSculpting equipment to ensure that you always receive the latest technology and get the best results.

Open 7 Days a Week & Offer Evening Appointments

We know you are busy and life is hectic.  Other providers only want to see you when it's convenient for them.  We're here when it's convenient for YOU!

Same Day Appointments & Treatments

Most often we can schedule a consultation appointment and a treatment the very same day.  Since we are the largest Coolsculpting provider in the area we have the ability to work around your schedule so you can receive the benefits of Coolsculpting today.

Most Experienced Staff

We have some of the most-conscientious OCD CoolSculpting certified staff in the area, ensuring you are receiving top-notch, highest-quality results. We are a physician-lead team of professionals. Each treatment plan is verified with a doctor prior to treatment. Your body is your temple. Rest assured, your body is in safe hands with us. To view our qualifications, click here.

We are Founded upon Diversity and Inclusion

CWC Beauty is founded on respect, compassion, surgical excellence, and patient education. Our mission is to provide professional, compassionate, state-of-the-art care to patients of all COLORS, CREEDS, and BACKGROUNDS. 

Pampering MedSpa & Outrageous Client Experience

Our facility is completely designed around YOUR CoolSculpting experience.  Always impeccably clean, large flat-screen TV with complimentary Apple TV and Netflix. We offer snacks and beverages with CoolSculpting treatments.  When you are with us, your comfort and treatment experience are of the utmost importance.

Easy, Affordable Payment Terms

Sometimes if you really want something, having a low monthly payment can make a difference.  If needed, we work with multiple financial partners to make your Coolsculpting treatment very affordable.  There's even an option with zero interest if paid within 1 year.  Now there's no reason why anyone who desires CoolSculpting can't have it.

We Specialize In Women's Care

We know that CoolSculpting may not be the right solution for everyone.  At CWC Beauty, we only recommend the best solutions for you and your budget, ensuring you will get the highest quality results. We have a wide variety of products and services to choose from, so if CoolSculpting isn't right for you, during a consultation, we will determine together, what is. Your treatment plan is catered to fit you and your goals. Our bottom line is to help you achieve comfort and relief in your own skin and body. That starts with a team of dedicated, quality-driven professionals who listen and specialize in caring for your body. 

Ability to "DualSculpt"

Since we have multiple Coolsculpting machines and applicators, this allows us to treat multiple areas at once or even do "couple treatments" so you can do a treatment with a friend or family member.  We know your time is important and we invested in multiple systems to perform your treatment in half the time of other facilities.

So Here's Your Checklist.

Does YOUR CoolSculpting provider...

  • Ensure your experience is body-positive?
  • Have CoolSculpting Elite?
  • Provide a judgement-free zone?
  • Have the ability to DualSculpt?
  • Have the newest, state-of-the-art equipment and applicators?
  • Offer same day consult appointments & treatments?
  • Have the highest CoolSculpting training certifications?
  • Specialize In Healthy Skin and Body?
  • Female Owned and Operated?
  • Pamper you in luxury and provides a meal during your treatment?
  • Offer you multiple, easy, affordable payment terms?
  • Perform the highest amount of CoolSculpting treatments in the area?